Coq au vin


Please meet „JACQUES“. Jacques is a born-and-bred “Rhode Island Red” from Unterschützen in Austria. For 1 year, 2 months and 8 days he fulfilled his duties as “First Cock” on the Nuiban Farm to the full satisfaction of all concerned. As he uttered his final crow he still had 8 hens beneath him. Mrs Zetter wrung his neck in a particularly tender manner in an attempt to honour his short life, and after all, his feathers needed to remain unruffled for the task yet ahead of him.


An hour later, he began his journey to Vienna in an Aldi cooler bag, in the boot of a red 1991 VW. The “handover” was reminiscent of Frederico Fellini’s “Ship of Fools” – A foggy Autumn evening at the BP garage on the B17. There I stood, waiting with my T-rex 125, my hands clammy with anticipation. I had never met Christine B., Elisabeth G. and David B. but as soon as I saw that ominous red Golf with the Eisenstadt number plate, I knew it in my bones – they had finally arrived. A quick hello, a bit of small talk about the dreary weather, then P. got out of the car, opened the boot and there it was - hidden beneath a black sports bag. He picked it up gingerly using only the tips of his fingers and dropped it in my lap. “Here you go” he uttered “check it – make sure it’s ok; I can’t even look at it”, and he shuddered instinctively at the thought. I carefully opened the bag and immediately saw our proud and beautiful model – Jacques.





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