Our vernissage on 20 September 2012

In modern gourmet cuisine and due to the trend of molecular gastronomy, dishes are being prepared in ever-increasingly ambitious ways, in the eternal search for new experiences for the palate. Sometimes though, it becomes rather hard to identify a dish.

Not on this evening, however: On Thursday, 20 September 2012 the food artists - Saša Asanović, the food stylist and Petra Schmidt, the photographer welcomed an array of guests to their vernissage to view their new project – NAMEit international.

At their kickoff event, the two proved that it is not enough just to have the best camera and the newest image processing software. With their series NAMEit, the food artists demonstrated that professional conception and implemented creativity are the most important ingredients of successful images and can’t be replaced by digitalisation.

The first seven pictures that the duo exhibited showed internationally renowned dishes.

For our concept, each picture had to fulfil the following requirements:

+ the dish should be recognisable at the third glance
+ the arrangement and presentation should come up to the standards of gourmet gastronomy
+ the dishes portrayed are NOT ready-to-eat recipes
+ the composition and the styling were done on set and NOT with digital editing

In 2013, the cook book “NAMEit Austria” will be published. It will contain 30 austrian recipes which invite you to savor them – not only with your palate, but also with your eyes.



Vernissage NAMEit | Fotos: © Josip Jukic-Sunaric

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contact food artists

  • gaudenzdorfer gürtel 43-45/top 1a
    1120 vienna, austria
  • saša (food stylist) +43 699 18 02 96 64
  • petra (photographer) +43 664 182 16 62
  • office fax +43 1 941 72 86